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Complete redesign: 2016 / Partial redesign: 2019

Redesign of an online booking platform for Global Work & Travel. Focused on simplifying and enhancing the user experience, this redesign aimed to modernize the design and adapt the platform for e-commerce.

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  • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis
  • Define the information architecture and create the site tree structure
  • Create wireframes and interactive prototypes
  • Conduct user testing
  • Analyze user feedback and activity to enhance and optimize the user experience
  • Select and optimize images
  • Be responsible for quality assurance before and after launch

Goals & strategies

The objective of the redesign in 2019 was to adapt the online booking platform to the e-commerce business model and improve the user experience while respecting the business needs. With this change, our goal was to optimize the conversion rate and provide a platform that is simple, clear, and credible.

To achieve this, we:

  • Streamlined the user experience to the maximum by moving several questions inside the customer portal. It allowed us to reduce the number of steps in the online booking platform from seven to three.
  • Enhanced the UI design to promote clarity and credibility.
  • Integrated several notes and tips to clarify each step.
  • Added frequently asked questions under each step.
  • Incorporated social proof in certain places to build user confidence (e.g., “577 travelers booked recently. You’re only one step away from joining them!”).
  • Implemented a live chat so that users can easily and quickly ask questions to a team member.
Online booking platfrom desktop mockup.


First, I compiled and analyzed the feedback and questions we received from customers regarding the online booking platform. Then, as a team, we discussed possible solutions and different ways to improve the user experience.

After reaching an agreement on the changes to be made, I proceeded with the design of wireframes and prototypes. I then presented the interactive prototypes to the team and the CEO to gather their feedback. Following our meeting, I made a few modifications to the prototypes.

Once the prototypes were finished, I shared them with the web developer who began programming the online booking platform. As the programming progressed, I was responsible for quality assurance, ensuring that everything worked correctly and followed the design perfectly. If any changes were needed, I had to inform the web developer.

After the launch of the online booking platform, I conducted user tests (survey and heatmaps), and was responsible for regularly reviewing session recordings to identify issues and blockages encountered by visitors. I then had to find solutions and inform the web developer of any necessary changes.

Online booking platfrom mockup inside mobile phones.


The complete redesign of the online booking platform, launched in 2016, greatly improved the user experience compared to the previous version. With a more modern design and booking steps organized more efficiently, the platform has become much more intuitive.

After the partial redesign in 2019, we delivered a platform that is both simple, clear, and credible. Thanks to the changes made, we observed a considerable increase in traffic at the payment stage.

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